Winter Sunday School meets from 9:00-9:45am, January 7th through March 17th.

Classes are available for three year olds through fifth grade.

Nursery will also be open during the Sunday School hour.

3's through Kindergarten
(Must be fully potty trained and 3 years old)

Teachers: Wendy Small, Sue Smith, and Don Morgan

Room 105

Jesus is the Savior

Children will learn about Jesus’ love for his people, his death and resurrection, his ascension, the promised Holy Spirit, and the Lord’s return one day. There will be a few lessons which highlight Jesus' interactions with people while He was here on earth and then the majority of the lessons will focus on the days leading up to Jesus' death. May our children grow in their understanding of Jesus as our Savior.

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First through Third Grades:

Teachers: PJ Korn and Bethany McHugh

Room 208

Pleasing God

This semester, children will be studying the Ten Commandments. Most weeks they will look at a Bible story which illustrates a commandment and will discover how that commandment applies to a concrete, everyday situation. The children will memorize shortened versions of the commandments, together with catechism questions and answers that explain their meaning. The children will begin by learning about the first four commandments and our relationship to God. Children will learn when, where, and why the Ten Commandments were given and how they point us to Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:24). The second half deals with our relationship to our neighbors and the last six commandments.

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Fourth and Fifth Grades:

Teachers: Richard Rush and Michelle Llorens

Room 207

Understanding the Faith by Steven Smallman

This communicant’s class is designed to help children understand their salvation in Christ and membership in the church.  This workbook is an excellent age appropriate tool for teaching the truths of our faith based on the Shorter Catechism. In addition, students who take the class will talk about baptism and the sacraments. Completion of the book gives the student the opportunity to become a member.

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