For the month of May, we are putting out a simple, church-wide event with the goal of planting God’s word in our hearts. We are challenging you to memorize some or all of Psalm 91. We recommend the ESV version. We would like you to sign up publicly HERE so that you can see others are doing this and encourage one another as well. We will be producing a weekly devotional (below) on four verses of the Psalm to further our understanding. We will also be creating a video at the end of the month with everyone reciting a part of the psalm. To finish it out, Pastor Billy will preach a sermon on Sunday, May 31st. 

Psalm 91 Devotional – Verses 1-4

Psalm 91 Devotional – Verses 5-8

Psalm 91 Devotional – Verses 9-12

Psalm 91 Devotional – Verses 13-16