Dave Spangler

Dave grew up in York, PA, attending church weekly with his family. From an early age, he desired to serve God and felt a need to always do what was right. As he faced personal challenges in early adulthood, however, he wrestled with his goodness, while also working through the truth claims of Christianity.

As a college student, Dave found solid reasons for faith, forgiveness, and hope through believing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The love of Christ expressed through people in local churches he attended was far and away the key to his growth in wholeness as a person, and in maturity in Christ.  

Dave has served with boys’ ministries at Cornerstone and currently serves on the missions committee.  He served on session for seven years until taking a sabbatical during 2023. During the sabbatical, he has realized afresh his love for this local church, and wishes to serve again as an elder, pressing on in the work of God’s kingdom here.

He and his wife Amy are actually Cornerstone “originals,” being part of, and serving in, many ways here since Cornerstone’s inception. They have been married 33 years and have four grown children: Adam, Josh, Peter, Emily, along with four grandchildren.  

There is a catechism question which asks: “What is my only hope in life in death?”, where the answer is, “That I am not my own, but belong to my faithful savior, Jesus Christ.” Dave trusts God to make this only hope in Christ the resounding theme of his life.