March 17, 2020


Hello again Cornerstone Family,

We are living in memorable times, aren’t we?

I was extremely encouraged by how well our first ever livestream service went this past Sunday.  Thank you to our volunteers who worked very hard to pull it all off!  YouTube recorded 273 unique viewers during the livestream including someone who let us know they were watching from Uganda!  Lots of lessons learned and looking forward to this Sunday!

We continue to assess the situation day by day and desire to do our part to stop the spread of this virus and to comply with current guidance from state and federal authorities.  Please note the following:

We Previously Announced:  All Large Group Activities Including Sunday Services are Canceled Through March 28

NEW:  All Church Activities – Large and Small – Are Canceled Through March 28

We are now canceling all in-person church activities including home groups, men’s ministry events, women’s ministry events, and youth group events.  We encourage you to explore ways to connect digitally.  We realize as well that many of you might want to meet on your own but encourage you to abide by current CDC guidelines which discourages gatherings of 10 or more.

Livestream Service Will Continue

Our livestream service will continue but our building will be closed to all but essential staff and volunteers.  We have lots of new ideas for this Sunday.  Stay tuned for more info!

Guidance for Ministry Leaders & Others

We are being given lots of direction as to what we cannot do –  let’s be creative and prayerful about things we can do!  Many of you have been making yourself familiar with video programs like Skype and Zoom.  These are excellent platforms to stay connected to others in the ministries you lead.  Explore what you can do outside.

Ways to Give

Two options to continue to support the work of the church:

  1. You can give online here or by downloading the Give+ Church App.
  2. You can mail a check to:  P.O. Box 339, Kemblesville, PA 19347. Thank you for your continued giving!

Ways to Serve Inventory

We are hard at work “re-imagining” how we do church with the new challenges with which we are faced.  We are brainstorming ways to serve our church family and our community.  If you have a specific way you would like to help, let us know on our Ways to Serve Inventory. 

Here to Help

The current circumstances we face have given us, as Christians, an unique opportunity to love those around us! The Mercy Ministries committee would like to help.  If you, or someone you know might use some help ranging from the loss of income to needing groceries – email the church office at  We would like to partner with people in the church to show the love of Christ in this uncertain time.

Prayer & Care Requests

Please know that your church family is here for you. We want to know how we can pray for you or help you in any way you might be affected by this situation. You can submit a prayer request here.

Text Announcements Now Available

We sent out an email last week with instructions on how to sign up to receive text announcements from us.  If you did not receive an email from the church, please email the office at and we will send you instructions on how to sign up for texting announcements.

Final Thoughts

Our present circumstances provide us with an opportunity to allow Jesus’ church to shine.  Let’s continue to move in faith not in fear.  Psalm 103:19 — “The LORD has established his throne in the heavens, and his kingdom rules over all.”

 Grace & Peace-

Pastor Billy