We challenge young men to be Christian Leaders but often leave them wondering exactly how to do so. For almost 20 years at Cornerstone, Battalion (Unit 7758) has equipped men to train up the next generation of godly leaders who understand from observation, teaching, and experience, what Christ-like servant leadership is all about. Battalion meets each Wednesday throughout the school year, starting at 6:30pm and ending at 8pm. All young men grades 6-12 are welcome! For more information please contact us through email or by phone at (610) 255-5512.

Battalion is a discipleship ministry in which Christian men build personal relationships with teen guys and mentor them to be effective Christian leaders. Guided by adult men these 12-18 year-old young men are not simply shown how to lead but are the ones leading the program and events week to week.

The young men in Battalion share experiences in peer group leadership through weekly meetings, the achievement program, service projects and outings, helping them to become leaders by leading.


The Battalion program, materials, events, and culture are designed to help develop well-rounded and Biblically well-grounded young men who have learned through experience to be servant leaders. The emphasis in Battalion is on Leadership development under the mentorship of older men accomplished by:

  1. The weekly meeting where practical, spiritual, and leadership skills are honed in a large and small group setting.
  2. The individual discipleship track using the Adventure Trails and Leadership Trails materials.


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