Associate Pastor David Phillips

Augustine said that he was a product of his mother’s tears, and David thinks of himself as a product of his forefathers’ prayers. Dave’s parents taught him to pray from the time he could talk, and he first responded to the gospel though a sermon his own dad preached on the second commandment. The Holy Spirit graciously opened David’s eyes to see not only the idols in his life which had become more important than the Creator of all things, but also to see that his good works were never good enough to satisfy a Judge who is infinite, eternal and unchangeable in His holiness.  Only Jesus’ substitutionary death on the cross could put David in right standing before God the Father, without blemish and free from accusation. Having been exposed to universalism and higher critical views of Scripture at a Roman Catholic high school in Rochester, New York, Dave decided to major in Philosophy at Wheaton College (Illinois) in order to have an answer for the hope that he held. His advisor introduced him to Augustine and John Owen, and also encouraged him to pursue further studies. After a brief sojourn in social work with the Salvation Army, Dave moved to the north shore of Boston to study at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. A missions class and a one year missions internship in East Asia resulted in his pursuit of Bible translation work and his marriage to a gifted linguist whom he met at church. David and his wife spent 12 years ministering cross-culturally with Wycliffe Bible Translators in South Asia, with their final term in administration, where he recognized that the Lord was preparing him for pastoral ministry.

David was installed as Associate Pastor in October, 2017. He enjoys serving Cornerstone in the areas of adult Christian education, home groups, and men’s ministry. He is also excited to be part of the ESL ministry.  Dave’s hobbies include reading novels out loud with his wife Ginny, chasing his 4 year old daughter on the playground, and playing volleyball.