Adult Sunday School classes teach the Scriptures, how to understand them better, and how to apply them to real life, all in an atmosphere of love and fellowship. Please join one of our classes, and find their value for your life in Christ. Classes run from 9:00-9:45am with classes for children of all ages and nursery available.

Fall Classes Begin on September 17th

New City Catechism – Laying the Foundations for our Faith

Throughout the history of the church, Christians have used catechisms—collections of questions and answers designed to teach the core doctrines of the faith. The New City Catechism is a modern-day resource aimed at reintroducing this ancient method of teaching to Christians today.  This Catechism is a gospel-centered resource that not only summarizes important Christian beliefs through questions and answers but also helps readers be transformed by those doctrines.  We will be taking on a different question each week in our class to provide clarity to faith, equip with the tools to speak into our culture, and grow to be more like Jesus.  More information on the New City Catechism (including the mobile app) can be found at Led by Dan Smith and Greg Hills in Fellowship Hall.

God at Work

Using Tim Keller’s book Every Good Endeavour as an outline, we will dig into what it means to be at work and who we are in Him while we are working. Several members of the congregation are excited to share with us their stories of how God has used them at work to further His kingdom on earth, to bring glory to Himself, and to bless richly.  Led by Jaimie Macartney and team of marketplace workers in room 201.

When Helping Hurts

The reality of our society’s wealth presents the American Christian with an important responsibility, for God’s people are commanded to show compassion to the poor. However, effective help for the poor requires repentance and the realization of our own brokenness. Who are the poor, according to the Bible? Should we do relief, rehabilitation, or development? How can we help people effectively here and abroad? Using the book and videos from When Helping Hurts by two economics professors at Covenant College with experience in both global and North American poverty alleviation, this class will address very practically the root causes of poverty and how to help from a biblically based framework. Led by Pastor Dave Phillips, the Deacons, and Missions Committee in room 209.

Membership Class

Interested in taking the next step towards membership at Cornerstone? Sign up for our fall membership class! Attending membership class is a good way to learn more about Cornerstone but does not commit you to membership. Classes are generally offered about twice a year depending on interest. Register HERE. Led by Pastor Billy Haines in room 210.


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