Godly Gleanings

Ruth 2:1-23 | Sermon Resources | 10 July 2024

Sermon Summary

Last week we were introduced to three widows – Naomi, Ruth, and Orpah. After the LORD visits his people in Judah, the three set out to return to Bethlehem, the house of bread. One of them does not make it to Bethlehem. Orpah returns to Moab and walks off the pages of Scripture,  but the other two continue on their journey home, arriving at the beginning of the spring barley harvest. Amazingly, Ruth’s faith is born in the midst of Naomi’s faith having dwindled to that of a mustard seed. And here in chapter 2 we are introduced to a godly Israelite man, a man who followed the law of the God of Israel and whose heart reflected the compassion of that God. God’s law spoke of several categories of people that the Israelites were to care for, including the poor, the widow, and the foreigner. And in his care for Ruth, we see Boaz’s care and concern for all three of these categories. We will look at some characteristics of Boaz, a worthy man. We will see more of Ruth’s character, and discover her to be a worthy woman. We have much to glean from this godly man and woman. Moreover, we discover that Boaz is a kinsman redeemer and we will talk more about what that is.