Let Brotherly Love Continue

Hebrews 13:1-3 | Sermon Resources | 21 April 2024

Sermon Summary

In the sermon this week Pastor Billy explores the call in Hebrews 13 to “let brotherly love continue.”  We will explore the claim that this places upon us as Christians and the power we have to walk in love.

Discussion Questions

  1. What was your biggest takeaway from the sermon this week?
  2. Share a time when you have experienced “brotherly love” within a Christian community.  What was it like?  What made it so special? 
  3. What are some challenges that make it difficult for brotherly love to “continue”? What can we do about those challenges?
  4. How are you doing with loving the “strangers” in your midst? 
  5. Do you believe that you have the gift of hospitality?  Why or why not?  What encouragement might we take from this passage to help us become more hospitable to others?
  6. Are angels real?  How should we think about their existence?  Why do you think many people discount their existence?
  7. What do you think the author means when he says we should remember prisoners “as though in prison with them”?  How can we do this?
  8. As we think about this incredibly deep call in this passage to love others, how can we keep from feeling condemned for coming up short?
  9. How can we as group more fully experience the brotherly love presented in this passage?  Is there anything we can start doing right now?

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