Lift Your Drooping Hands

Hebrews 12:3-13 | Sermon Resources | 17 March 2024


As we run the race of the Christian life, growing tired and weary seems almost inevitable.  Sometimes our lives feel full of nothing but discouragement and defeat.  In the sermon this week Pastor Billy explores the call of the author of Hebrews who invites us to look to Jesus and to lift our drooping hands and strengthen our weak knees.

Discussion Questions

1. What was your main takeaway from the sermon this week?

2. What are some categories of things that lead to feeling discouraged and defeated?  Feel free to share personally or just generally.  Why do you think we are so affected by the painful things around us? 

3. How might this passage encourage someone who is feeling discouraged and defeated?

4. According to verse 12 what is the danger of giving in to the discouragement and weariness we often feel? 

5. This passage focuses on the “discipline of the Lord.” What is the difference between punishment and discipline?  Does God ever punish us for our sins?  Why or why not?

6. According to this passage how ought we to think about the discipline of the Lord?  Is this how you think about discipline?

7. Can you think of an example from your life of discipline you endured that lead to something good? 

8. Of all that we learn about the discipline of the Lord in this passage:

  • What do you find most encouraging in your present situation?
  • What do you find most challenging?

9. How can you put apply verse 3 in your life this week?  What does look like to “consider” Jesus? 

10. Thinking about one person in your life, what is one thought or idea from this week’s sermon you could share with them to encourage them?

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