The Compass of Faith

Hebrews 11:13-28 | Sermon Resources | 25 February 2024

Sermon Summary

Pastor Billy continues our Hebrews sermon series coming this week to Hebrews 11:13-28.  Last week, having considered what faith is, this week we consider what faith does for us.  In the sermon Pastor Billy argues that faith is a like a compass that reorients our hearts.

Discussion Questions

  1. What most struck you from the sermon this week?
  2. In the sermon Pastor Billy made the case that in times of uncertainty we want a map but God often provides a compass instead.  What does this mean?  How have you seen it play out in your life? 
  3. Do you find it easy or hard to live as a “stranger and exile” on the earth?  How so?
  4. How does knowing that this world is not our true home produce freedom in our lives?  Are you currently experiencing that freedom?
  5. What is it about the “better country” (v.16) that makes it something worth seeking after with all of our heart?
  6. In the sermon Pastor Billy made the case that Abraham (v.17-19) exercised not only obedience but imagination.  What does this mean?  Where do we see this in the text?
  7. How might a faith-fueled imagination equip you to face uncertainty in your own life?
  8. Looking at the example of Moses (v.23-28), what is it that made his decision to leave the Pharaoh’s palace so remarkable?  Do you think you would have done the same thing?
  9. In the sermon Pastor Billy made the case that our faith points us to:
    – A new home
    – A new imagination
    – A new set of priorities

In which of these areas would you most like to grow? How so?

10. Thinking about one person in your life, what is one thought or idea from this week’s sermon you could share with them to encourage them?


“If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.”  – CS Lewis, Mere Christianity

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