God’s Pursuit of Man

John 1:6-13 | Sermon Resources | 10 December 2023


Pastor Billy continues our Advent sermon series coming this week to John 1:6-13.  In the sermon we will consider not man’s pursuit of God but rather God’s pursuit of man.  We will see the historical, scandalous, and transformative nature of this pursuit.

Discussion Questions

  1. In what area do you need to grow more: (1) your understanding and appreciation of man’s pursuit of God or (2) your understanding and appreciation of God’s pursuit of man? How so? 
  2. The author uses the image of light in this passage to describe Jesus’ coming into the world. What do you think he is trying to communicate with this image? Can you think of other places in the Bible that use this same image? Why do you think God is often described as light?
  3. According to this passage what role does John play with the light that was coming into the world?
  4. What does it mean for us today to be “witnesses” to the light? Do you see this as a calling you personally have? How so? What opportunities might you have this Christmas season to be a witness?
  5. According to verses 10 and 11 what response did Jesus receive when he came into the world? Why is this so surprising?
  6. In what ways has the work of God gone unrecognized or unwelcomed by you? How can you seek to recognize and welcome the work of God in your life even this week?
  7. What promise is made in verses 12 and 13? How is this a summary of the gospel?
  8. Thinking about some of the people in your own life (and without using names!), what might be holding them back from receiving Jesus?
  9. What is one thing you will do as a result of studying this passage?

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