The Word is Life and Light

John 1:1-5 | Sermon Resources | 3 December 2023


John brilliantly tells his readers the identity of Jesus at the very beginning of his gospel. Jesus is the Word, Logos in Greek, who reveals God to all people. John describes Jesus as the light of life for all people. We who have put our faith in Jesus rejoice at his glory and rejoice that we have experienced deliverance from darkness.

Discussion Questions

  1. What do the words “in the beginning” remind you of? What idea is John conveying?
  2. What did Word (or Word of God) mean to Jewish readers? What did it mean to the Greek readers? 
  3. What attributes does John ascribe to Jesus that speak to his deity?
  4. John refers to Jesus as light. What does light do? Why do you think he uses that metaphor?
  5. John refers to our world as darkness. Why is that? 
  6. Have you ever felt that the darkness is more powerful than the light? When? What happened?
  7. Are you in awe of who Jesus is? Do you understand the great rescue Jesus achieved for us? What can you do to increase your joy and understanding of your identity in Jesus?
  8. What is one thing you can do this week to live as light in a world of darkness? 

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