From the Dust of the Ground

Genesis 2:4-17 | Sermon Resources | 4 June 2023

Sermon Summary

Pastor Billy continues in our Genesis sermon series coming to Genesis 2:4-17 and the creation of man from the dust of the ground. We will examine this important passage seeing what it has to say about a “theology” of humanity.

Discussion Questions

The discussion questions this week are broken down by the 4 points of Pastor Billy’s sermon. You might find it helpful to select only 2 or 3 points of the sermon to discuss as there are lots of questions here!

A God-Formed Body

  1. Do you tend to make too much or too little of your body? How so?
  2. What are the implications of God forming the body of man from the dust of the ground? How might this passage “re-enchant” our view of humanity?   
  3. How does this passage push against the current worldly views of the body?
  4. How can we as Christians engage this topic with those outside the church with truth and love?

A God-Breathed Soul

  1. Do you tend to overemphasize or underemphasize the care of your soul? How so?
  2. What is different about the “breath of life” man receives versus the breath of life an animal might have? 

A God-Designed Home

  1. Looking at all this passage has to say about the Garden of Eden, what do you find most encouraging? How so?
  2. What might people find surprising about this passage’s teaching on the Garden? 
  3. What is the significance of the two trees in the garden? 
  4. How does this passage explain the desire we have for a “home”?

A God-Shaped Hole

  1. What evidence do you see in this passage that man was created to be dependent on (i.e. in a relationship with) God?
  2. What is the significance of the command given in verses 16 & 17?
  3. How might you use this idea of a God-shaped hole to share the gospel with someone?

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