And God Said

Genesis 1:3-25 | Sermon Resources | 30 April 2023


Pastor Billy continues in our Genesis sermon series coming this week to Genesis 1:3-25 and the six days of creation. Focusing on three key verbs in the passage (God said, God separated, God saw), we will spend time contemplating the God of power who spoke the universe into existence. 

Discussion Questions

Begin by reading the passage paying careful attention to the repeated words and phrases.

  1. What were some of the repeated words or phrases you noticed in this passage? 
  2. What ideas or verses in this passage most provoke wonder or praise within you?
  3. What ideas or verses in this passage most provoke confusion within you?
    • When you get to heaven, what questions would you like to ask God about this passage?
  4. Discuss this statement: “God’s words are powerful. God’s words bring life.” 
    • Where do you see this in the passage? 
    • Where in your own life do you most need to believe the truth of these statements?
  5. How should we think about the six days of creation presented here in Genesis? What are the clear and basic truths that all Christians should be able to agree on in this passage?
  6. In this passage God repeatedly sees that creation is “good”? Is that still true today? Why or why not?
  7. In what way does the gospel remake creation into something that is good? How so?  Where in the Bible would we turn to support this idea?
  8. Did you have any other takeaways from the sermon this week?

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