The Helmet of Salvation

Ephesians 6:17 | Sermon Resources | 26 February 2023


Pastor Billy continues in the Invisible War sermon series coming this week to the fifth piece of the whole armor of God, the helmet of salvation.  In the sermon we will see that the helmet of salvation points us to the battle for our minds which is won only through Christ. 

Discussion Questions

  1. What were your key takeaways from the sermon this week?
  2. What purpose does the helmet of salvation serve in spiritual warfare? What do you think Paul is seeking to communicate by using the image of a helmet?
  3. Read 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. What do we learn in this passage about the battle for our minds?
  4. In the sermon Pastor Billy identified 3 potential strategies the devil uses in the battle for our minds:
    • Worldly Ideology
    • Incomplete Theology
    • Idolatrous Doxology
      Briefly discuss each one. What is it? Which strategy is most dangerous for you?   
  5. (Paying particular attention to the larger context of the passage) how does Jesus provide the path to victory in the battle for our minds?
  6. In the sermon Pastor Billy identified 4 signs that we are winning the battle for our minds:
    • You have no regrets about your past.
    • You are able to forgive others.
    • You do not worry about the future.
    • You are eager to share the gospel with others. 
      Briefly discuss each one. In which area would you most like to grow? What might help encourage growth in this area?
  7. What is one thing you will do as a result of studying this passage?

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