Repent & Be Baptized

Acts 2:37-41 | Sermon Resources | 20 November 2022

Sermon Summary

Pastor Billy preaches from Acts 2:37-41 examining Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost. We will consider in particular Peter’s instructions to “repent and be baptized.”

Discussion Questions

  1. What is one thing you learned from the sermon this week? 
  2. While some specific practices of baptism can be a source of disagreement amongst Christians, what aspects of baptism should we all be able to agree on?
  3. The crowd listening to Peter’s sermon were “cut to the heart.”  What does this mean?  Describe a time when you experienced feeling this way when listening to a sermon or reading Scripture. 
  4. Peter tells the crowd to repent and be baptized.  What part does faith play in their response?
  5. What reasons does Peter give the crowd for being baptized (v.38-40)?  Which of these reasons most stands out for you?  
  6. In the sermon Pastor Billy made that case that this passage teaches us 4 lessons about baptism (baptism is a command, a picture, a gift, and a response).  Which of these lessons is most relevant for you?  How so?
  7. Does this passage give us any indication as to how the 3000 people were baptized?  Why do you think there is such widespread disagreement as to how baptism is to be administered?
  8. What is one thing you will do as a result of studying this passage?

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