Rejoice Because…God is Good

Isaiah 35:1-10 | Sermon Resources | 27 November 2022

Sermon Summary

Pastor Billy kicks off Advent this week with a sermon series from the book of Isaiah, The Weary World Rejoices. Our passage is Isaiah 35:1-10 and we will be thinking about how the goodness of God produces joy in our lives.

In fact, if you are troubled about the Father’s love, understand that you can no more trouble and burden him than by your unkindness in not believing it.

John Owen (Communion With God)

Discussion Questions

  1. What is one thing you learned in the sermon this week? 
  2. Why do we sometimes question whether God’s heart toward us is good? 
  3. Most of us don’t live in an actual wilderness or desert but we’ve all experienced life in a spiritual desert. What is it like to live in spiritual desert?
  4. As Isaiah’s original audience read this prophecy, what fruit do you think may have been produced in their lives as they heard these promises?
  5. In the sermon Pastor Billy named 6 ways this passage helps us to believe God’s heart toward us is good. Spend some time discussing each point. Which is most relevant for you?
  6. What is one thing you want to be sure to remember about this passage? 

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