Marriage: In the Beginning

Genesis 2:18-25 | Sermon Resources | 23 October 2022


Family Ministries Director Tim Malone will be continuing the series on marriage teaching from Genesis 2:18-25. Man meets woman for the first time! We will be unpacking the themes of marriage, sexuality, and oneness.

Discussion Questions

  1. What was not good? Why? How can we create a fellowship that protects against loneliness?
  2. What does the naming of the animals say about mankind?
  3. The ESV translated two Hebrew words as “helper fit for” him. What is the significance and implications of these words as related to man and woman?
  4. What is a covenant? How does that shape marriage?
  5. What are lies the culture believes about marriage?
  6. How do husband and wife “leave” their father and mother?
  7. What are some implications about our sexuality from this passage?
  8. What does it mean that the husband will host fast to his wife? What does that look like?
  9. The same Greek word used for “hold fast” in Genesis 2 is used by Paul in 1 Corinthians 6:17 – he who is “joined” to the Lord becomes one spirit with him. How are the two related? How are we joined to the Lord?
  10. What other foundational themes of scripture can you see in this passage?

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