To Equip the Saints for the Work of Ministry

Ephesians 4:7-12 | Sermon Resources | 15 May 2022


In the sermon this week Pastor Billy unpacks Paul’s call for every Christian to serve in ministry.  We will specifically explore what the passage says in response to some common hesitations we might have about serving.

Discussion Questions

  1. What most struck you from the sermon this week? How so?
  2. Explain the relationship between the ascension of Jesus and the distribution of gifts to the church (verses 8-11).
  3. Explain the relationship between leaders of the church and the members of the church (verses 12-13).
  4. Pastor Billy named 4 common hesitations we might have about serving in ministry: (1) I am not good at anything! (2) Someone else can do it better than me! (3) God can’t use someone like me! (4) Whatever I do won’t make a difference anyway! Which one most struck home for you? How so?
  5. What spiritual gifts do you think God may have given you?
  6. How can we keep from seeing our gifts as self-earned and useful for self-promotion rather than God-given and useful for the building up of the body?
  7. How would you like to grow in the ways you use your spiritual gifts?
  8. What is one thing you will do as a result of studying this passage?

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