Courage for the Battle

Joshua 14:6-15 | Sermon Resources | 24 April 2022


Last Sunday we celebrated Easter Sunday, proclaiming Jesus is risen – certainly a high point of worship for me! But now Easter is over, what’s next? This Sunday we will be looking at a passage from the book of Joshua, specifically the story of Caleb, the son of Jephunneh. Caleb was one of the twelve spies who scouted out the land of Canaan and told the people they can conquer the land. He was overruled, the people responded in fear and he spent forty years wandering in the wilderness. But in Joshua 14, we meet Caleb again, still as strong as ever, and this time he takes the promised land. We see Caleb believed in the Lord and exercised great courage. Now that Easter is over, we too continue with Jesus, to follow him wherever he leads. We too are called to faith, a faith that leads to courage and action. Often, we can overestimate the threat against us and underestimate the power of God! This Sunday morning may God renew our faith, remind us of his power and promises, and encourage us again to be strong in Him.

Discussion Questions

  1. What is faith? What are some things people put their faith in? Where does faith come from (Ephesians 2:8)?
  2. What encourages you from the story of Caleb?
  3. Caleb said he wholly followed the Lord. What does this mean?
  4. How does faith in Jesus fuel our courage?
  5. Do you tend to overestimate the threat or underestimate God’s power when you encounter obstacles/difficulties/suffering?
  6. How hopeful have you been lately? Why?
  7. Where is God calling you to take courage and act? What step of action is he calling you to?
  8. How does the church help us be courageous together?
  9. What story of courage and faith do you need to tell others? Do it!


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