He Himself Is Our Peace

Ephesians 2:11-16    |   Sermon Resources       27 March 2022


In the sermon this week Pastor Billy will give special attention to Paul’s statement concerning Jesus that “he himself is our peace.”  We will consider why we need this peace that Paul describes and how we can get it.


Discussion Questions

  1. What struck you most in the sermon this week?
  2. What key words stick out to you in verses 11-12 as Paul considers the plight of the Gentiles?
  3. What is it about alienation that makes it such a difficult problem to address?
  4. How can we as a community of Christ followers help others to feel welcome and included in our midst?
  5. What kinds of actions or attitudes might unintentionally be rebuilding “the dividing wall of hostility” that Jesus broke down?
  6. How can we keep the divisiveness of the culture from creeping into the church?
  7. What does Paul say in this passage about what peace is and how we get it?
  8. In what ways do you settle for worldly peace rather than the peace that Jesus offers?
  9. What is one thing you will do as a result of studying this passage?



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