We are Glad

Psalm 126    |     Sermon Resources    |     13 February 2022


Tim Malone, Family Ministries Director, will be preaching this week.

Joy is a part of following and obeying Jesus. We can face suffering and disappointment with confidence because of His promises!


Discussion Questions

  1. Do you have a travel playlist? What do always pack when you travel?
  2. What in between stage are you in right now? What are some of your challenges? (i.e. obetween raising children and teens, between college and career, between parent and grandparent, between middle school and high school)
  3. What is something God has done for you in the past that has made you glad?
  4. How do you tend to respond to difficulty, suffering, hard times? What is the encouragement from the psalm?
  5. What is the idea of sowing in tears mean? What role do we have before God?
  6. What is the result of our sowing? How does this encourage you?
  7. A common strategy is to make our own joy. Where do you try to do that? (ie – ignoring, medicating, centering on family, job, reputation, etc.)
  8. How can a Christian say “We are glad” – even in tough times?


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