A Prayer for Spiritual Enlightenment

Ephesians 1:15-23        Sermon Resources     |     20 February 2022

Sermon Summary

In the sermon this week Pastor Billy explores the apostle Paul’s prayer for spiritual enlightenment, considering in particular what this prayer means for believers.


Discussion Questions

  1. What motivates Paul to pray for the Ephesians (v.15-16)? How is this passage a model for how we can pray for others?
  2. What do we learn in this passage about the nature and need for spiritual enlightenment?
  3. Of all that Paul prays for in this passage what do you think is most relevant for the church in the pandemic world in which we live?
  4. What is the difference between intellectual stimulation and “having the eyes of your hearts enlightened?” How are they sometimes confused for each other? How can you tell the difference between the two?  How can we keep from merely settling for intellectual stimulation?
  5. What might be the fruit in your life, in the life of your family, and in Cornerstone if we were granted a fuller measure of the “Spirit of wisdom and revelation?”
  6. Where in your life do you need to apply this passage? How so? How can this group support you in that?
  7. What is one thing you will do as a result of studying this passage?

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