Jesus Came To…Set Free

Luke 4:16-30    |   Sermon Resources       28 November 2021

Sermon Summary

This week we remember that Jesus came to set us free - from our fears, from our doubts, from our shame, from our sin. In this week’s sermon we will look at the first sermon Jesus preached - as it is recorded in Luke’s Gospel. Here Jesus returns to his hometown and, reading from the scroll of Isaiah, declares he has come to bring good news to the poor, sight to the blind, and liberty to the captives. This is good news indeed!


Sermon Reflection Questions

  1. What most struck you in the sermon this morning?
  2. Where do you most need to experience this freedom that Jesus came to bring?
  3. What might be the result of experiencing deeper freedom in that area?
  4. What next step might God be calling you to take?


Sermon Audio

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