There Will…Be a Highway

Isaiah 19:16-25         Sermon Resources       12 September 2021

Sermon Summary

Guest Pastor Tyler Brown will conclude the Unshakable Promises series this week.

Isaiah 19:16-25 would have shocked its original hearers. The prophet begins by describing a military smack-down that Egypt would receive “in that day.” Like a movie scene of a half-time locker room pep talk, Isaiah rallies up his audience before an unexpected twist: Egypt and Assyria (Israel’s greatest enemies) would join in the worship of God! The picture of a highway connecting Israel’s archnemeses in worship is one that predicts the end-time worship service of the Lamb where people of all nations gather in unity. This unity does not destroy our diversity but transcends our diversity. We long for the day when the unity Jesus secured on the cross becomes a reality!

Discussion Questions

  1. What has been Israel’s relationship Egypt in their past and in Isaiah’s day?
  2. How do you think Israel would feel reading v. 16-19 for the first time?
  3. What is Isaiah communicating when he describes the highway from Egypt to Assyria?
  4. For Isaiah, when do you think he thought this would all come to pass?
  5. How does Jesus make this unity Isaiah describes a reality?
  6. Are there any “others” in your life that you struggle to be united to, despite your common faith in Jesus?
  7. Are any practical opportunities for you to join God in His mission to save people from every nation?


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