Paul and the Abundant Life

Acts 20:17-38   |   Sermon Resources    6 June 2021


Sermon Summary

In the final sermon in the Acts series, Pastor Billy examines Paul’s farewell address to his ministry partners in Ephesus.  From this speech we will see the abundant life Paul lived.


Discussion Questions

  1. What are some reasons we don’t always experience the “abundant life” Jesus promises to give (c.f. John 10:10)?
  2. What evidence do we have in this passage that Paul was living the “abundant life”?
  3. In the sermon Pastor Billy made 4 observations about Paul’s life:  (1) He was grounded in reality.  (2) He arranged his life around what mattered most. (3) He did not shrink back from challenging tasks. (4) He was surrounded in love.  Which of these do you most need to press into for yourself?  How so?
  4. Read verse 24.  What is the “course” given to him by Jesus?  Where are you with figuring out the “course” you have been given?  What kinds of things tend to distract you from that course?
  5. What would change in your life if you were really and truly centered on the “gospel of the grace of God”?
  6. Are there parts of the “whole counsel of God” that you tend to gloss over?  How so?


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