Our Father in Heaven

Matthew 6:5-15     |    Sermon Resources       20 June 2021


Sermon Summary

In the sermon this week Pastor Billy unpacks the first statement in the Lord's Prayer, "our Father in heaven."  We will see both the radical nature of this statement as well as the fruit it should produce in our lives when we realize through Christ, God has become our Father.


Discussion Questions

  1. When life begins to fall apart, how do you, at a heart level, tend to view God? As a king? Lawgiver? Judge? Policeman? Boss? Father? Explain.
  2. What strikes you most about Jesus’ instructions for to pray to God as “our father in heaven”?
  3. What is the difference between the universal fatherhood of God and the particular fatherhood of God? Why do you think Jesus’ calling God his Father was so controversial in his day?
  4. What privileges do we have in Christ because God is our particular father?
  5. In the sermon Pastor Billy explored 3 things the fatherhood of God should produce in us: (1) delight, (2) reverence, and (3) confidence. Which of these do you most need to press into?
  6. What might begin to change in your prayer life if you were more deeply affected by the idea that God is your Father?

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