Learning to Pray

Matthew 6:5-15      Sermon Resources      13 June 2021


Sermon Summary

Pastor Billy begins a new sermon series this week looking at the Lord's Prayer.  In this Sunday's introductory sermon he explores some lessons we learn from the Lord's Prayer.


Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think prayer is such a struggle for many Christians?  Do you think the issue is bigger than just the busyness of our lives?
  2. In what way is the Lord's Prayer a pattern for us to follow in all of our prayers?
  3. Why is it significant Jesus takes time to teach his disciples (and us) to pray?
  4. What in the sermon (and the passage) this week stirred a deeper desire in you to pray?  How so?
  5. What part of the Lord's Prayer do you most need to pray for yourself this week?
  6. What might begin to change in your life if you became more deeply committed to prayer?
  7. How can we encourage one another in this area?


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