How Paul Engaged the Culture

Acts 17:22-34        Sermon Resources    |    7 March 2021



In the sermon this week Pastor Billy continues to examine Paul’s encounter with the Athenians.  As we examine Paul’s famous speech before the Areopagus we will see a model for how we can engage the culture in our own day.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think Paul chose to use the altar to an unknown God as a starting point for sharing the gospel?
  2. What starting points could we make use of in our day to share the gospel with others?
  3. Based on Paul’s sermon, in what ways did the Athenians have the wrong idea about God?
  4. For us today, what misconceptions about God exist in the world? What misconceptions might Christians have about God?
  5. Why is it significant that Paul quoted pagan poets in his sermon to make a theological point?
  6. In what way is repentance (v.30) an appropriate response to Paul’s sermon? Why do you think we shy away from calling for repentance today?
  7. According to verses 32-34 what were the three different ways the people responded to Paul? Do you think this is a good picture of “success” as we seek to engage culture ourselves?


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