The Noble Bereans

Acts 17:1-15      Sermon Resources   |   21 February 2021


In the sermon this week Pastor Billy considers what exactly set the Bereans apart from their counterparts in Thessalonica. We will see that the Bereans paid careful attention to Paul, sought to properly understand what he was preaching, and as a result were transformed by faith.


Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think may have been the source of the jealousy of the Jews in Thessalonica?
  2. How would you have responded in you were in Jason’s position?
  3. What does Luke mean when he says (v.11) that the Bereans were more noble?  What does the word noble mean?  Can you think of any examples of people acting nobly in our own day?

The next questions pertain to Pastor Billy’s 3 points:  (1) OBSERVATION: The Bereans listened to what was actually being said; (2) INTERPRETATION: The Bereans sought to understand what they heard; (3) APPLICATION: The Bereans acted based on what they understood.

  • Why is it so difficult to listen to what others are saying particularly in a heated environment?  How can we be better listeners?
  • Why is it important to go to Scripture to correctly interpret what is going on around us?  Parents in particular: Are you helping your kids to develop a biblical worldview?  How do you do this? What is at stake if you don’t do this?
  • Do you agree that the most consequential issue that everyone must deal with is what they’ve done with Jesus?  Why or why not?


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