Paul Goes to Athens

Acts 17:16-21      Sermon Resources     28 February 2021


Sermon Summary

In the sermon this week Pastor Billy examines Paul’s short visit to Athens in Acts 17.  We will see in this passage a model for how Christians can respond to the anger-producing elements of the culture around them.


Discussion Questions


  1. What tends to be your default reaction to the culture around you – (1) fleeing from the world (2) fighting against the world?  What is good and bad about each position?
  2. In what way does Paul model a third way of engaging culture that is neither complete withdrawal nor unnecessarily combative?
  3. As Paul tours Athens he is struck by the number of idols he encounters. While we don’t have statues to our idols today, what do you think are some of the idols our culture tends to worship?
  4. Why is it important to be able to identify cultural idols? What is at stake if we remain blind to these idols?
  5. Paul shared his faith in the synagogue and in the marketplace. How should Christians think about sharing their faith in the marketplace today?  Is it right to think about our faith only as a private matter?
  6. What opportunities do you have (or do you want to have) to share your faith with others?


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