Multiplication Through Division

Acts 15:36-16:10     |    Sermon Resources     |   24 January 2021


In the sermon this week Pastor Billy preaches on Acts 15:36-16:10 which covers the beginning of Paul’s second missionary journey.  We will see that from the very beginning of this journey Paul faced hardship and was sustained by grace.


Discussion Questions

  1. Why does facing hardship sometimes make us question whether or not we are outside of God’s will for our lives? Look up 2 Timothy 3:12. What link does Paul make between following Jesus and experiencing hardship?
  2. [v.36-40] Explain what happened between Paul and Barnabas. How does God use their disagreement?  Can you recall any situations in your life where God used your weakness for good?
  3. [v.1-5] Why was it a big deal that Paul returned to Lystra (c.f. Acts 14:19)?
  4. [v.1-5] What was at stake in Paul’s decision to circumcise Timothy? Why was circumcision such an explosive issue?  What does this decision teach us about Paul?
  5. [v.1-5] How does our pride sometimes get in the way of making the right decision? Why is it so difficult to lay our pride down?
  6. [v.6-10] What role does the Holy Spirit play in their journey? If you had been with them as they travelled over 400 miles from Lystra to Troas, how do you think you would have felt as the events of this passage unfolded?


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