Micah 5:1-6      Sermon Resources    |    13 December 2020

Sermon Summary

In the sermon this week Pastor Billy preaches out of Micah 5:1-6 where the prophet announces that the coming Messiah will be born in the obscure little town of Bethlehem and answers the question, “What kind of king will the he be?”


Discussion Questions

  1. The siege that surrounded the city (v.1) was both an acute and a chronic crisis. How do you tend to respond to crisis in your life?
  2. The coming Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem. Why Bethlehem?  In what way does Jesus’ birthplace “fit” with the kind of Messiah he came to be?
  3. What does this passage say about the kind of authority the Messiah will have? How is the right use of authority a blessing to others?
  4. Micah does not say in verse 5 that “he will bring peace” but rather “he shall be their peace”? What is the difference?  In what way is Jesus our peace?
  5. Where in your life right now do you need Jesus to be your peace?

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