#8 Do Not Steal

Exodus 20:15     |    Sermon Resources  |     8 November 2020


Sermon Summary

In the sermon this week Pastor Billy addresses the 8th commandment to not steal.  This commandment not only forbids the taking of someone else’s property but requires that we seek the material good of others.

Listen for the following ideas in this week’s sermon:

  • What the law boils down to — what is it all about?
  • The need to pay attention to both the details AND the big picture
  • Matthew 23:23
  • 5 examples of what is forbidden in 8th commandment:
    1. Taking someone’s property; Ephesians 4:28
    2. Receiving stolen property; Proverbs 29:24
    3. “Manstealing;” Exodus 21:14, 1 Timothy 1:9-10
    4. Unfair business practices; Proverbs 11:1
    5. Stealing of ideas; Leviticus 19:11
  • Statistics on plagiarism
  • Ephesians 4:28
  • The opposite of stealing – (1) work and (2) generosity
  • Why this commandment matters
  • Not laying up treasure on earth

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is it important to pay attention to the details of God’s law as well as to the big picture of the law? What problems arise when we focus on only one?
  2. Where do you need God’s help to grow: (1) in understanding the details of the law or in (2) seeing the big picture of the law?
  3. In the sermon Pastor Billy identified 5 areas the 8th commandment forbids:
    1. Taking someone’s property
    2. Receiving stolen property
    3. “Manstealing”
    4. Unfair business practices
    5. Stealing of ideas

Which of these areas is most convicting to you?  How so?

  1. The 8th commandment not only forbids stealing but requires that we seek the material good of others. Read Ephesians 4:28.  What does Paul instruct the thief to do?
  2. What keeps us from being more generous to others?
  3. Are you a generous person in regard to all that God has given you: (1) money, (2) possessions, (3) time, (4) ability to work? Where do you need God’s help to grow?


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