#4 Remember the Sabbath

Exodus 20:8-11    |   Sermon Resources     |    11 October 2020


Sermon Summary

The fourth commandment — to keep the Sabbath — is the most detailed of all the 10 Commandments and perhaps the most misunderstood.  Does the Sabbath still apply to believers today?  What about all the other Sabbath rules in the Old Testament?  In this sermon Pastor Billy will address this issue and share some principles for observing the Sabbath.

Listen for the following ideas in this week’s sermon:

  • The law as a ladder vs. mirror
  • 3 types of Old Testament laws: moral, ceremonial, civil
  • Quote from Martin Luther: “If anywhere the day is made holy for the mere day’s sake – if anyone set up its observance on a Jewish foundation, then I order you to work on it, to ride on it, to dance on it, to feast on it, to do anything that shall remove this encroachment on Christian liberty.”
  • Hebrews 4:9 
  • Keeping vs. making the Sabbath holy
  • 4 Sabbath Principles: (1) Stop (2) Rest (3) Worship (4) Remember
  • Joseph Stalin’s introduction of the “continuous week” 
  • Public vs. private worship
  • Resting in the finished work of Christ


Discussion Questions

  1. In what way does the Sabbath, or the Lord’s Day, still apply to believers today?
  2. How did Jesus fulfill (and transform!) the fourth commandment?
  3. What does the Sabbath look like for you? Are there particular activities (or non-activities) that you have found helpful?
  4. What is the danger of a legalistic view of the Sabbath? What is the danger of a licentious (lawless) view of the Sabbath?
  5. How can you make Sunday a day of rest? Practices to adopt?  Challenges to confront?
  6. How can you make Sunday a day of worship? Practices to adopt? Challenges to confront?
  7. What might change in your life if you were really able to practice a Sabbath rhythm of six days of work and one day of rest?

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