November 26, 2017

How Then Are Freed Slaves to Live?

Exodus 16:1-21

Discussion Questions

Read Exodus 16:1-3. What were the Israelites longing for? What were they afraid of? What am I tempted to grumble about? What things seem attractive from my past life before receiving Christ? What fears are distracting me from Jesus and his promise of eternal life?

Read verses 4-8. Did Moses have to present the people’s complaints to God? Did Moses and Aaron have to present God’s response to the people? Who is the prophet like Moses, but greater than Moses? See Deut. 18:15-18. How is Jesus like Moses? How is he greater?

Read verses 9-12. How did the Lord appear to the congregation of the people of Israel? How would they know that the LORD is the living God, and their God? How can we know that the LORD is our God?

Read verses 13-15. What does ‘manna’ mean? Is the word ‘manna’ used in verse 4 or verse 12? What did Moses tell the people that the manna was? Why do you think Jesus said he was the “living bread that came down from heaven” (see John 6:51)? What is the difference between the manna in the desert and Jesus, our living bread?

Read verses 16-18. These verses teach the idea of personal responsibility (v. 16) as well as some corporate responsibility to share with one another (v. 18). The Apostle Paul quotes the heart of verse 18 in 2 Corinthians 8:15. What is he encouraging the church to do there?

Read verses 19-21. Why do you think some of the Israelites hoarded the bread? What fears are keeping me from trusting God for my daily bread? Am I tempted to think I can store up enough of Jesus through his word and sacraments so that I can go without him for a while?





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