August 17, 2017


Galatians has been called the “Trumpet-Call to Christian Freedom” and the “Magna Carta of Christian Liberty.” And for good reason. Within the six chapters of this letter, we read over and over again of the freedom that is ours through faith in Christ. Paul warns of false brothers who have “slipped in to spy out our freedom that we have in Christ Jesus.” And he reminds the Galatians that, indeed, it is “for freedom that Christ has set us free.”

Paul calls the Galatians to live in the full freedom of Christ because it would seem many in the church were being led astray.   Certain false teachers had come in after Paul left town and were calling into question his authority as an apostle and even worse, the gospel which he preached.  Paul is clear that there is no other gospel and warns of eternal damnation for any who preach a false gospel.

Galatians has also been called the  “Battle Cry of the Reformation.”  As in the days of Paul, certain false teachers had slipped in amongst the medieval church and were preaching a different “gospel”. A gospel that said we are not justified by faith in Christ alone but by commending ourselves to God through our good works.   This was no peripheral issue but rather opposed the very heart of the Christian faith – our justification before God.

Certainly the Reformers would have been comforted to hear Paul’s clear teaching even in the opening verses of the letter that it was Jesus who gave himself for our sins. He did not receive our good works but rather gave himself over to the judgment of God that we might escape his wrath and receive instead the righteousness of Christ.

Martin Luther warns that “if we neglect the truth of justification, we lose everything (Galatians, p.32).”   We must give a hearty amen to this statement. Christians might disagree on a number of issues – issues surrounding baptism, issues surrounding the timing of Christ’s return, issues surrounding the right leadership structure of the church. On many of these issues, we can “agree to disagree.”   However, when it comes to those things which lay at the heart of the gospel – particularly the issue of our justification – we must be prepared, along with Paul, for a fight.

This fall we will be studying Paul’s letter to the Galatians. We will be exploring the nature of the freedom we have in Christ. We will be digging deep into the heart of the gospel that Paul presents in this letter.

In addition to the sermons each Sunday, check back here each week for a short blog and discussion questions to accompany the sermon. Many of our Home Groups will be discussing the sermons. If you aren’t already plugged into one of our Home Groups, consider joining one even if it is just for the fall.




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