Sunday School is back!  Beginning September 12th, from 9:00am - 9:45am, there will be classes for three year olds through fifth grade.  Nursery will also be available during the Sunday School hour.

We will be using materials from Great Commission Publications.  This company is the main publisher for our denomination and provides Biblical, reformed, and practical resources for our children.  Please click HERE  to access their website.

3's through Kindergarten
(Must be fully potty trained and 3 years old)

Teachers: Sue Smith, Rachel White and Don Morgan

Room 105

God Created All Things: Children will learn that the Lord our Creator is gracious and merciful to his covenant people—forgiving, saving, and keeping them. With God’s blessing, children will begin to develop a biblical self-image. He or she will begin to know: I am a child created in God’s image. My purpose is to glorify my Creator.

First through Third Grades:

Teachers: Michelle Llorens, Wendy Small and Sophia Small

Room 208

Trusting God: By studying the lives of Noah, Job, the Israelites, and other Old Testament people, children will learn that God is powerful and faithful to his Word.  He is always in control and can be counted on at all times. God helps us when we are in trouble, providing for us, and giving us what we need to trust and obey him.

Fourth and Fifth Grades:

Teachers: Richard Rush and Lois McGhee

Room 207

This year the class will use the book Understanding our Faith, by Stephen Smallman. This is an excellent age appropriate workbook for teaching the truths of our faith based on the Shorter Catechism. In addition, students who take the class will talk about church membership and the sacraments. Completion of the book gives the student the opportunity to become a member.