Winter Session – 9:00am
January 6th through March 17th 

Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4
(Must be fully potty trained and 3 years by September 1, 2018)
Teachers: Sue Smith & Susie Strumbeck
Room 108

Living in God’s Family
Over the next several weeks, your preschoolers will learn what it means to belong to the most special family of all - the family of God. The first half of the fall, children will understand what it means to be a child of God. In the second half, children will explore what it means to grow in God’s family. They will learn that his love is so great that he calls them his children, making them part of his covenant family.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Teachers: Diane Coleman, Jan Keen, & Don Morgan
Room 108

Obeying God
This fall, the children will be studying prophets and kings from the Old Testament. We will be exploring their lives and learning what it means to obey God. We will look at King Saul and his willfulness, King David and his heartfelt repentance for his sin, the courageous obedience of the prophets Elijah and Daniel, the reluctant submission of Jonah, and the stories of several others. Above all, we will be teaching the children that obedience is not only a command from God, but also our loving response to the Good Shepherd who gave his life for the sheep (John 10:11; 14:15).

PreK 3 & PreK4
Kindergarten and 1st Grade

2nd & 3rd Grade
Teachers: Alex Mull, Julie Mull, & Wendy Small
Room 104

God’s Servants
In this curriculum, children will learn the stories of little-known people in the Old and New Testaments. God used these servants in both ordinary and remarkable ways in his plan to redeem his people. God uses all kinds of people to serve the church, the body of Christ. God employs both well-known and little-known people, and he uses them at any age. He did so in biblical times and throughout church history, and he does so today.

2nd & 3rd Grade

4th & 5th Grades
Taught by Christy Green & Richard Rush
Room 206

This winter we will continue to learn the names of God, which are wonderful revelations of His majestic character. This study presents the Hebrew names of God in the Old Testament and the names of Christ and the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. Each lesson encourages children to see and rejoice in the goodness and greatness of God as they explore the meaning of His glorious names.

4th & 5th Grades

6th through 8th Grades
Taught by Rob and Amy Gregory
Youth Room

Our middle school class uses the Orange Curriculum. Topics for the winter session include Continuum (Examining the Full Bible Story) and Grow Up (How to Grow in Christ). The class includes games, teaching, small group time, and donuts!

6th through 8th Grades

9th through 12th Grades
Taught by Tim Malone

Meet for donuts and theology. We will be following the sermon series on Mark during our winter Sunday school time. Our hope is that we will be better listeners during the sermon and we hope it will increase our ability to apply the scriptures to our lives. Bring your Bible!

Tim Malone


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