Fall Session – 9:00am
September 8th through December 8th 

Pre-K 3 through 1st Grade
(Must be fully potty trained and 3 years by September 1, 2019)
Teachers: Don Morgan, Sue Smith & Susie Strumbeck
Room 105

Knowing Jesus:
Children will study the life of Jesus. Beginning with John the Baptist through Jesus' years of earthly ministry, children will learn they can trust their powerful Savior-Lord to meet all their needs.

PreK 3 & PreK4

2nd & 3rd Grades
Teachers: Alex Mull, Julie Mull, Sophia Small, and Wendy Small
Room 104

Listening to Jesus:
Children will learn about who Jesus is. He is God's Son, our Savior, and promised King. This semester children will learn about Jesus' teachings from the Gospels. He is the promised Savior who came to save us from our sins, and he is the chosen King whom we worship.

2nd & 3rd Grade

4th & 5th Grades
Taught by Christy Green & Richard Rush
Room 206

This year the class will use the book Understanding our Faith, by Stephen Smallman. This is an excellent age appropriate book for teaching the truths of our faith based on the Shorter Catechism. In addition, students who take the class will talk about church membership and the sacraments. Completion of the book gives the student the opportunity to become a member.

4th & 5th Grades

6th through 8th Grades
Taught by Rob and Amy Gregory
Youth Room

Our middle school class uses the Orange Curriculum. Topics for the fall session include Viral (characteristics that should grow in our lives), No Limits (the life of Moses), Stepping Up (the life of Joshua), For the Win (a study of Proverbs), and Another Christmas Story (God’s story is greater than our assumptions). This class includes games, teaching, small group time, and donuts!

6th through 8th Grades

9th through 12th Grades
Taught by Tim Malone

Meet for donuts and theology. We will follow the “Who We Are” sermon series during our fall Sunday school time. Our hope is that we will be better listeners during the sermon and we hope it will increase our ability to apply the scriptures to our lives. Bring your Bible!

Tim Malone


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